Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Amazing Amazon

AMAZON RIVER is the world's largest river.

Its length is approximately 6300km.

It is located in South America and runs through Guyana, Ecuador, Venezuela, Bolivia, Brazil, Columbia and Peru.

It has given the tittle world's largest river because during the wet season its width reaches almost 190km.

It Carries more water than any other river in this world, even more the Mississippi, Nile and Yangtze River put together.

Some pics :

AMAZON RAIN FOREST is the world's largest rain forest.

It has a great variety of plant life. Scientists found more than 3000 species of plants in 2.5km. 

Trees stand as tall as 60meters and only a little bit of sunlight reaches the ground.


It is the land for wide variety of dangerous animals.

Different types of poisonous snakes found here.

Candiru Fish

Anacondas lurk in the shallow water of amazon basin.

It is also a home to PIRANHA, a meat eating type of fish.

Some more different species : 


                                        Golden - Lion - Tamarin

                                                                     source : internet

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