Saturday, June 28, 2014

Super Star Krishna Family

Super Star Krishna ( Cow boy of Tollywood )

Krishna's First Wife Indira Devi

Indira Devi


1. Ramesh Babu - 1965
2. Padmavathi    - 1969
3. Manjula         - 1970
4. Mahesh Babu - 1975
5. Priyadarshini  - 1979

Krishna - Vijayanirmala:

Krishna - Vijayanirmala

1. Naresh

Ghattamaneni Ramesh Babu:

Ramesh Babu
Galla Padmavathi:

Husband : Galla Jaydev
Ashok Galla
Siddarth Galla



Husband : Sanjay Swaroop

Sanjay - Manjula

Mahesh Babu Ghattamaneni:

Wife : Namratha Shirodkar
Son : Gautham Krishna
Daughter : Sitara

Namratha - Mahesh

Gautham Krishna

Priyadharshini Ghattamaneni:

Husband: Sudhir
Sudhir - Priyadharshini

Naresh Ghattamaneni:

Naresh Ghattamaneni

Some more exclusive pics:

Manjula - rameshbabu

Gautham Krishna

Mahesh in Ramcharan wedding

Maheshbabu Marriage 

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  1. good collection

  2. is first wife alive and IS krishna living with her

  3. so sweet and nice photos thank youuuuuu

  4. so sweet and nice photos thank youuuuuuuu

  5. vijaya nirmala looks very nice at 68

  6. very nice collections is very good sweet memories. krishna is a my favourite hero. superstar krishna is a film industry is number one hero superstar krishna garu.

  7. superstar krishna is a film industry is number one hero superstar krishna garadi.

  8. Thank you so much for sharing my favourite actor krishna gari beautiful happy family pictures it's an unexpected treat to be able to see these type of pictures of my fav childhood movie hero thank you so much I am so happy thank you for playing all the role model action comedy family character roles it is so nice and happy to share your joyous beautiful family with childhood fans like me all the way in USA times like this I do miss India going to movie theatres and watching fav movie super star krishna movies
    Now because of youtube videos and Internet articles I am able to keep up with all the beautiful family celebrations and pictures I am really really happy to see your beautiful family pictures and celebrations as a family dad and grand father to beautiful successful children with beautiful families it is a blessing to be able to share beautiful families celebrating their joy across the globe personal and professional precious moments thank you sriAshtalakshmi sri mangalagowri I always thank my two favorite deities for all the nice kind generous people and beautiful loving caring compassionate families

  9. Very good information is available inyou blog. I like your blog because of my favourite actor krishna garu and his family photo collection is thera in your blog. Thanks for sharing these and keep share latest information of krishna garu and his family.
    sitara ghattamaneni